Date: 26 – 30 June, 2022

Place: Tartu, Estonia

Organized by: University of Tartu and Czech Geological Survey

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BIOGEOMON – symposium on ecosystem behavior is a regular international forum and meeting point of ecologists and environmental scientists in a wide range of topics. The tradition started in 1987 when the first symposium (that time titled GEOMON, as in geologic monitoring) was organized in Prague, Czechoslovakia. It was motivated by a desire to understand the processes governing watershed chemistry. Five years later, the meeting was retitled BIOGEOMON and its focus broadened towards ecosystem manipulations at various scales, applied biogeochemical research, ecological modelling, and other interdisciplinary sciences.

The 10th BIOGEOMON symposium was organized by the University of Tartu, Estonia, and the Czech Geological Survey, and took place in Tartu in June 2022. The focus of BIOGEOMON 2022 was on the biogeochemistry of various ecosystems as influenced by anthropogenic and environmental factors. Empirical and modeling studies on fluxes and processes related to the turnover of major and trace elements at the ecosystem, watershed, landscape, and global scale were considered.

We are proud to highlight that several of our LIFE OrgBalt experts and members were involved in the event as organizer (Ülo Mander, Hanna Vahter), as part of the scientific committee (Ülo Mander, Kaido Soosaar), as session convener (Kaido Soosaar). The researchers Hanna Vahter and Muhammad Kamil Sardar Ali also held two poster presentations to give insights on their latest research projects. The following research, involving LIFE OrgBalt experts, were presented: